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          Welcome to GuangZhou Bilian Biotechnology Co. Ltd.
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          Tel 020-8659 3346
          020-8621 1426

          Service project

          Decrypt market trendy products, providing market hot products; unique formula developed to provide specialselling products, providing planning, design, packaging materials, formulation, production, delivery-stop service; really low quality, the whole process of tracking services, you simply put the idea to tell us, give us all the rest resolved, we will use the most professional service allows you worry free!

          1, free market analysis to help customers
          2, to provide free marketing planning advice
          3, free to help customers design product architecture and product planning
          4, free agency registered trademarks
          5, free three card
          6, free raw materials, formulation, packaging, production technology consulting
          7, provides quality inspection, sanitation inspection agency services free
          8, semi-finished product testing, packaging, inspection
          9, semi-finished products
          10, warehousing, freight management services
          11, paid to provide packaging design services
          12, to provide information reporting services barcode physical center of Chinese goods

          The company's industry-leading advantages to provide you with a more thoughtful and meticulous OEM / ODM services. OEM / ODM processing products are mainly three categories, a total of nearly more than 2000 varieties and styles.

          Planning Services
          Packaging design
          Image design
          Visual marketing
          Brand culture
          Product strategy
          Pricing strategy
          Channel strategy
          Media strategy

          Guangzhou bilian biotechnology Co. Ltd. Copyright 2017
          Tel : 020-8659 3346 / 020-8621 1426
          Machining Tel : 020-8659 3346 / 020-8621 1426
          Customer service QQ : 2355645108 / 2355645106 / 2355645100
          Processing and sales Tel : 13751882848 / 13434117696 / 13539740895