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          Welcome to GuangZhou Bilian Biotechnology Co. Ltd.
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          Tel 020-8659 3346
          020-8621 1426

          Company profile

          Guangzhou bilian biotechnology Co. Ltd. Is mainly engaged in cosmetics OEM/ODM processing production, We have advanced equipment, strong technical force, Is the leading domestic and foreign technology, Professional aseptic production line, The production process of the emulsification, Negative ion treatment of reverse osmosis, Disinfection and filling to achieve closed production process, In the industry has a good reputation, Vigorously develop the domestic and foreign OEM/ODM business, In the premise of ensuring the customer has the core technology of product formulations, To choose a good atmosphere for the business market competition, To enable customers to obtain more lucrative long-term interests. In the field of skin care products, through which we will continuous innovation and efforts, in order to ensure our first-class technology, first-class production equipment, first-class reputation, for you to create first-class brand, we will tie-in sales of wisdom and wealth, to build the ideal platform for the climax of your career.

          General manager
          Our business "scientific and technological innovation, service innovation" for the idea. In science and technology, will strengthen the R&D strength Bilian more closely with the scientific and technological research networks at home and abroad, to enter the world's problems, and constantly develop new original results. In services, and create a new way of thinking "service creates value", dedicated to the vast number of domestic and foreign customers with high-quality support services, for the formation of a set of comprehensive service system, providing customers with OEM / ODM supporting skincare brand design services, including a series of brand product planning, brand planning, packaging design,packaging materials procurement / product planning and design work. Through practice and training while growing up experienced professional team, a solid basis for the implementation of this set Bilian perfect service system, truly a one-stop cosmetic OEM / ODM services.

          We firmly believe that only the customer demand-oriented, combining Bilian unique international platform and supply of raw materials R & D platform to provide innovation and service to Bilian unique, high-quality products as tangible value to the quality of services as intangible value, only strive to create maximum value for customers,to always walk in the forefront of the industry!

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          Tel : 020-8659 3346 / 020-8621 1426
          Machining Tel : 020-8659 3346 / 020-8621 1426
          Customer service QQ : 2355645108 / 2355645106 / 2355645100
          Processing and sales Tel : 13751882848 / 13434117696 / 13539740895