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          Welcome to GuangZhou Bilian Biotechnology Co. Ltd.
          Alibaba Taobao 中文版

          Facial treatment Eye maintenance Special efficacy Facial decorator

          Discharge makeup clean Hand,foot and body SPA essence Penetration and children Wash hair/care

          Bilian Quality Guidelines
            Bilian always believed that the use of advanced equipment to create a higher quality, stable products, reduce manual labor, is the inevitable trend of development of enterprises, but also enhance manufacturing efficiency and competitiveness of enterprises an importantprotection is to achieve technology enterprises the specific measures.

          Bilian Quality Assurance
            Enterprise has a first-class modern generation production equipment and more than 15000 square meters GMPC ten one hundred thousand pharmaceutical grade clean purification plant, is a handful of one hundred thousand to obtain GMP certification of cosmeticsmanufacturers.

          500 ㎡ independent laboratory research team has grown to nearly 10 people.
          Has strong equipment resources, our team has extensive experience in the development of cosmetics, cosmetic master core technologies and design ideas, outside the familiar international cosmetics development and management, focused on research and development of basic products......
          Research and development center under the product development lab, lab oratory, test chambers, sample retention room and general office.

          Bilian in the management of a professional, pragmatic, experienced team.

          Management team mainly frontline sales staff to start from the market, after many years of sharpening,a step on the management positions, with a very solid hands-on experience.

          Free raw materials, formulation, packaging, production technology consulting
          Provide free marketing planning advice
          free to help customers design product architecture and product planning
          Semi-finished product testing, packaging, inspection
          Provide information reporting services barcode physical center of Chinese goods
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          Guangzhou bilian biotechnology Co. Ltd. is mainly engaged in cosmetics OEM/ODM processing roduction, We have advanced equipment,strong technical force, Is the leading domestic and foreign technology, Professional aseptic production line,The production process of the emulsification,Negative ion treatment of reverse osmosis, Disinfection and filling to ......

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          2015 Company activities Factory for the opening Company annual meeting


          Guangzhou bilian biotechnology Co. Ltd. Copyright 2017
          Tel : 020-8659 3346 / 020-8621 1426
          Machining Tel : 020-8659 3346 / 020-8621 1426
          Customer service QQ : 2355645108 / 2355645106 / 2355645100
          Processing and sales Tel : 13751882848 / 13434117696 / 13539740895